Friday, 21st February 2020
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We are a group of pathologists, technologists and quality assurance specialists, providing wide range of services for quality in medical laboratory. This is a Canadian based company with its representatives in many countries to provide onsite consultation.

Benefits of our Services:

For being certified or accredited a laboratory need to have a quality management system implemented that fulfils all the requirements of any regulatory or accreditation body.

Most of the community and hospital labs are not in a state of readiness for inspections due to lack of resources or knowledge.

CQLC consultants provide individual essential element of whole Quality Management System. We also certify a medical lab for QMS and get lab ready for accreditation.


According to ISO certification refers to the issuing of written assurance (the certificate) by an independent external body that it has audited a management system and verified that it conforms to the requirements specified in the standard.

Standards we follow:

.:: ISO

.:: CAP

.:: CLIA

.:: OLA


.:: AATB

.:: ABB

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