Friday, 21st February 2020
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 I.Document Templates


i.Quality Policy

ii.Quality Processes

iii.Quality Procedures-Departmental

iv.Health and Safety Manual

v.Human Resources

b. Forms

II.Guide to Implement QMS

a.Compete QMS Implementation

i.Customized Documentation

ii.Implementation of QMS Essential Elements

b.Document Control Program

c.Equipment Management Program

d.Occurrence Management Program

e.Competency Assessment Program

f.Health and Safety Program

g.Internal Proficiency Program

h.Periodic Performance Review

i.Quality Assurance Program

j.Patient Services Guide

k.Mock Inspection


III.Certification of QMS / ISO-15189/ ISO-15190

a.Audit Against Required Standards-ISO/CAP/OLA

b.Issuing Certificate

IV.Guide to Get Accreditation

V.Maintenance/Monitoring of QMS

VI.Guide to Establish New Laboratory

VII.Training Program


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